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With more than 60 professional and support staff personnel, the Institutional Trading division is organized into four specialty departments to most efficiently accommodate a full range of order execution and trading flow to the firm's account base:

Sales Trading

Covering more than 800 domestic and 1300 international financial institutions, the Sales Trading department has trading professionals working in teams to provide primary and backup coverage to designated regions throughout North America and Europe.

OTC Principal Trading

Comprised of industry-focused teams, the OTC Principal Trading department makes markets in more than 260 domestic stocks, 85% of which are covered by our Institutional Research department.

OTC Agency Trading

This department services the trading needs of the firm's more than 500 financial advisors located in one of 1000 retail offices nationwide.

Convertible Bond Trading

This department covers over 100 domestic institutions as well as services to our nationwide network of financial advisors.

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